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Monomeric Vinyl

Available in a gloss or a matt finish. Opt for Gloss if you have a vivid design and you want sharp, bright colours to stand out. If you are after a more understated look, go for Matt.

Sizes available from A4 to 1250mm width by 5000mm (5 meters)

Chose lamination for extend durability

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£ 13.00 tax excl.

£ 11.00 per sqm

0.00 - 5000.00
0.00 - 1350.00

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  • Gloss, Matt , Gloss Clear and Matt Clear Vinyls - Adhesive vinyl, lasts for up to 3 years outdoors. We print in CMYK straight on to the surface.
  • Clear Gloss or Matt + White Print - Add a white print to either act as an underpin to make colours more visible or add white print as a stand alone colour, perfect for window applications.
    Artwork requirements:
    - Please allow 3mm bleed on all sides, and supply as a CMYK PDF, preferably in PDF/X1a format, with all fonts outlined or embedded
    -  All design elements must be underpinned with white
    If use Illustrator to process original picture please ensure you have a spot colour, named Spot_1, set to overprint and in 100K only to underpin your design. This artwork should then be pasted onto a layer named Spot_1.
    Once you have these elements, please create a new layer called Spot_2, duplicate the artwork using the Spot_1 colour, create a new swatch and name this Spot_2.
    The elements coloured using Spot_2 should then be pasted onto the layer Spot_2. This will result in you having the same design elements twice, both set to overprint and both in the same position, but one using Spot_1 and the other as Spot_2. These spot colours should also be used for any elements which are designed to be printed in white only, following the same steps to ensure the graphic elements are set to overprint, using the correct spot colours and correct layers.
    If use Photoshop to process original picture select your area which you want to print spot white.
    1. Use “Magic Wand Tool” or “Select” -> “Load Selection”
    2. Click channel windows and create a new spot channel named ”Spot_1” with black color.
    3. Duplicate the Spot_1 channel (right click the Spot_1 channel) and name it as “Spot_2”. So you have two spot channel with same area.
    4. Save your file as PDF
  • Mirror + White Laminate - Select this option if you require the sticker to be placed on the inside of a window to be viewed by people from the outside.
  • One Way Vision - Contra-vision vinyl is perforated. Suitable for large text and images it lets light in whilst not allowing passers-by to see in from the outside. Commonly used in offices, shop windows, buses.
  • Laminate - This option is available only to Gloss and Matt vinyl to add extra protection from scratches and UV exposure.


Once you have placed your order you can upload your print ready artwork.

  • Please allow 3mm bleed on all sides, and supply as a CMYK PDF, preferably in PDF/X1a format, with all fonts outlined or embedded.
  • All the text or necessary graphics should be kept 25 mm from the trim line.
  • Trim marks are not accepted.


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